Top 10 actresses of South Side – 2010

Who are the top hot actresses whom producers run after wards with their money accouterments for signing them?

Top 10 Female Politicians of the World

After Grybauskaite came to power in 2009, European journalists quickly dubbed her Lithuania’s Iron Lady, owing to her steely way with words and her black belt in karate. The daughter of a saleswoman and an electrician, she worked part time in a factory while earning a Ph.D. in economics. She went on to become Deputy Minister of Finance in 1999, before holding a series of positions within the European Commission. In 2009, with Lithuania mired deep in recession, Grybauskaite focused her presidential campaign on

Swami Nithyananda Ranjitha - Leelai

Swamiji Sree Sree Sree Swami Nithyananda Ranjitha - hotttttttttttt Leelai

◌ Kaanjipuram Brahmin Leelai

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I'm kissing you my darling .......!

I've never been in love quite before until I saw your face and watching stars without you my soul cries my heaving heart is full of pain when we're apart the aching

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

◌ JAYALALITHA DANCE - Naaka Mukka Song


Life History

Born in Mysore on February 24, 1948, Jayalalitha entered the movie world as an actress at an early age.

Jayalalitha’s early education was at the elite Bishop Cotton Girls High School in Bangalore and later at the Presentation Convent Church Park in Chennai. Upon completion of Matriculation in 1964, she won a scholarship for higher studies but did not accept it to pursue a career in films.

Jayalalitha has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam films. She was trained in classical dance (Bharata Natyam) and Carnatic Music from the young age of 4. She is said to be proficient in other dance-forms such as Mohini Attam, Kathak and Manipuri as well. Jayalalitha has given hundreds of performances in Bharatha Natyam and has even sung many songs herself in her films (songs are a staple of Indian films).

According to popular knowledge and documented media reports, Jayalalithaa and M. G. Ramachandran had a long-standing extramarital relationship and her position as MGR’s mistress helped her to become his political heir.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

◌ Mr. A.R. Rahman studio

A.M. Studio Mr. A.R. Rahman Chennai, India

A.M. Studio
Music Recording and Mixing
Film Mixing

The building process was started several years before Sound Wizard was approached to take full charge of the project. We restarted almost from scratch and with the active collaboration of Studio 440 from Los Angeles , managed to complete the project within 9 months.

This recording studio is interesting because of the flexibility it offers for music recording and film mixing, thanks to variable acoustics. The control room has a large bay window offering full view of the big screen in the mix stage.

The recording area, which doubles as a mix stage, can accommodate up to 30 musicians for large recordings. There are also two additional isolation booths with large glass sliding doors, offering easy viewing to and from the main recording area.

Most acoustical treatment was done using specially imported RPG diffusers and clouds, and also high quality Maharam fabrics, giving the facility a very roomy feeling.

"Heard some songs in the music room. Congrats! The studio feels good. Alhamdulilla! I know you guys are going to tweak to get it perfect. Just wanted to let you know what I felt."- AR Rahman

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Layout: 35m2-380ft2 control room
mix stage / record space
2 isolation booths
2 machine rooms
One lobby
Control room
Processing 7.1 monitoring
3 x Dynaudio M4+
4 x Dynaudio BM15
2 x Dynaudio 18"
Chord SPA
XTA DP226 & DP224
Equipment: Neve 88R mixing board
Protools HD3 system
Pyramix system
MOTU 896 interface
Mix stage
Processing 7.1 monitoring
3 x Tesseract MPTS-1
8 x JBL 8340
4 x Bag End Infrasub-18
Bryston 9B & 4B SST
TMH Bass man
Ashly 424Gs & 224GS
Equipment: Euphonix System 5
Euphonix R1 recorder
Pro Tools HD3
Dolby Processor CP650
DTS Processor
Stewart Filmscreen 21ft
DPI Mercury HD projector
Features: TMH certification
Project management &
Acoustical consulting:
Sound Wizard
Architecture & design: Studio 440 - L.A.
Wiring & integration: Studio Care - Chennai
Contractor: New Dawn Carpentry
Completion: August 2005

Saturday, October 3, 2009


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