Sunday, September 27, 2009

◌ Kaanji Brahmin Leelai


Shock in the public opinion to see sexual behavior took place in the sanctum of the saints Machaesa Perumal temple, shrine Vaishnavite. According to reports, and Devanathan priest (36) – a father of 2 children, and is used to engage in sexual acts while the devotees waiting outside to perform the Puja. Deviant priest even used to record the sexual behavior of the mobile phone can phone.The the case in the light when he gave his mobile phone for repair and technical mobile Download explicit scenes and brought them in the public domain. Multimedia clips and 19 pictures that are running for about 90 minutes, according to reports hot on the web.

Phots: Thanks : JV


God is a rock then how can it see. he is doing right thing.

That fucker should the hanged in the Public place without dress temple is the place were we get we will forgot our tension mind will be relax after this people never go to temple first ladies will never but shoot that bastard without any excuse

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